The Estate Micro-Needle roller


An at home treatment that allows the body’s natural ability to restore, plump and rejuvenate giving you glowing, radiant skin. The Graham Estate Micro Needle features 540 0.5 mm titanium micro needles. 

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How it Works 

  • Enhances skin quality and radiance 
  • Enables the skin to natural restore itself 
  • Helps minimize the look of fine lines, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores
  • Increases the effectiveness of your active ingredients by absorbing more easily 


How to Use:

Am: cleanse/serum/moisturize

Pm: Cleanse/Apply Peptide/Micro-Needle/Apply Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid/ Vitamin C Serum


We recommend for best results to move the roller vertical, horizontal, and diagonal moving in both directions. Using light pressure and without dragging while avoiding the eye area.


For optimal results, use The Estate Micro-Needle 1-3 times per week.Gently roll Progressively build up to the  desired number of times you use the treatment per week.A noticeable immediate after use though skin may be slightly irritated and sensitive after treatment. You may also notice your skin feeling more dry than usual for up to 48 hours after treatment. 


We recommend after eight weeks of Estate Micro-Needle treatments to take a break for one month to give your skin the opportunity to regenerate.


Estate Micro-Needle should be replaced regularly (every 10-12 uses) in order to achieve optimal skin benefits.


Preparation and Storage guidelines:

To properly disinfect your Estate Micro-Needle roller you need to soak it in isopropyl alcohol solution for at least 10-15 minutes before and after use. 


Allow your Estate Micro-Needle to dry before using or storing. It is best to air dry, but make sure you place the Estate Micro-Needle roller in a way that the needles won’t touch any surface. Or, you could simply hold it in your hand while it dries.


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